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Strategic Creative Direction for lifestyle & professional brands.

Hello! I’m Jen, your friendly and experienced Designer & Creative Director. I’m currently working behind the scenes on a new online presence, but I am always happy to connect.

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Got an urgent project?
Ideas burning so hot, you can't sleep?
Need a chat and a cup of tea?
I'm here for you.

The most crucial ingredient for a successful project is having the right people not only advising you, but championing you. I love to work with passionate small businesses and big-idea visionaries to connect with their audiences across all platforms, delivering holistic branding and design experiences that are both loved and enduring in equal measure.

I’ve been delivering ‘WOW’ experiences for over a decade, both agency-side and in-house for some of the biggest and smallest brands. I know how many hearts are invested in a brand’s success, and you can count on mine to care about yours.

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